Google Calendar is a free web and mobile application used to manage your time. With Google Calendar, it’s pretty easy to monitor and manage all the important events that happen in your life in one place. Display modes supported by Google Calendar include calendar, monthly, weekly, and custom modes. The most important point to keep in mind is that events are stored online and therefore you can access the calendar from anywhere with an internet connection.


1. See all the details of a meeting at a glance

By clicking on an event in your calendar, you can access all the details of the meeting, including the guest list and RSVP responses, meeting rooms or other meeting places, attachments such important documents to prepare for the meeting, video call access and much more.

2. Add a new event quickly and effortlessly

Instead of using the “Add Event” button, you can click any empty space in your calendar to add an event quickly. From there, you can include the name, title to the calendar of that event.

3. Customize the display of your calendar

Does it distract you if you see week-end events during the week during the work week? You can choose to hide weekends when you check your calendar. You can also see the whole year at a glance by selecting the annual view or by simultaneously displaying two or more calendars of different people or places side by side.

Adjust the settings to control the density of the calendar screen, making it sensitive to your screen or compact and the color set in your calendar by selecting Modern or Classic.

4. Color code of your different projects + parts of life with “other calendars”

With your day job, side hustle, time spend with families or fitness resolutions, you may find your head is spinning. But you can easily manage your time with the help of google calendar.

Create a different calendar for each area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife (daily work, side project, personal goals, etc.). This helps you to understand where you are spending more time and how you are going through.

5. Too many calendars to follow? Hide the weaker ones until you need them.

You may not always want to see all available calendars (think: co-workers calendars, holiday calendars and birthdays, etc.). You can hide those the calendars until you need them to reduce visual confusion. This allows you to focus on what really needs to happen today.

6. Use Agenda Mode to see only  today’s tasks.

When the whole mountain of work this week or month is visible on the screen, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Create a little security: go into Agenda mode to get a summary of the current workload.

7. Prevent interruptions in the workflow with “gentle” notifications

When Google Calendar is open, a notification begins 10 minutes before your next event. Unfortunately, this notification is extremely detrimental by default and directs you to Google Calendar, regardless of the program or card you are working on.

Changing interruption alerts to “browser notifications” might help. Instead of being removed from your current program or map, Google displays a friendly notification in the upper right corner of the screen.

Final words:

So, this is how you use google calendar. This article is especially targeted for beginners to understand how google calendar works. I guess thi article helps in using google calendar. Post your question in the comment box if you have any questions regarding google Calendar.

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