An electric kettle helps you add value to your kitchen. It also serves you multiple purposes like boiling water, making coffee or even preparing instant Maggi noodles. An electric kettle can be an added advantage as it avoids wastage and can automatically turn itself off.

How to make Maggi in an electric kettle?

Preparing Maggi in an electric kettle is little quite easy. But there are some precautions that you need to keep in mind for the same. There are many kettles that come with multi cooking functions, so that first you need to check if your’s is multifunction or not.

Note: Use a little more amount of water than regular, before you start makijng maggi in kettle.. This is a suggestion to avoid sticking of the noodles at the kettle base.

  1. Switch on your kettle, pour the required quantity of water to avoid sticking of noodles.
  2. Boil it a bit and then add the crushed Maggi noodles.
  3. Add the spice mix afterward and let the maggie to cook.
  4. Keep stirring at the same time while cooking.

Factors to consider while buying the best electric kettle for Maggi:

As with any product, there are some few buying considerations that would be helpful in choosing the right kind of electric kettle and make out of your purchase. Few worthy buying considerations would be:

  • Size & Weight: You need to check out the capacity and counter space for better usability. Capacity refers to the volume of water on the kettle can handle. Make sure that the kettle should not occupy huge space on the counter.
  • Boiling Speed: Buying an electric kettle is to save the time spent in boiling your water. Faster boiling performance should be one of the prime aspects you need. A kettle should be able to boil your water in around three to four minutes.
  • Power: An electric kettle that consumes less power. Of course, we have been focussing on how to save electricity and an electric kettle with lower power consumption will indeed be a natural choice.
  • External Heat: Cooking utensils are known to work through heat transfer, and most of them transfer the heat to the external surface. Choosing an electric kettle that dissipates lesser heat to the outside environment.


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