Wordscapes – an addictive trifle game which comes with the blend of word guessing and crossword puzzles. It will make you wring your mind as the levels get tougher and words become harder to form. However, the best part of this game is that you’re not provided any time limit that permits you to find answers for the word puzzle at your accessible time.

Well, Wordscapes offers you some clue, if you find yourself jammed in any levels that you can’t estimate and figure out. Here, we’ve provided some tips for you to find answers for any level in Wordscapes. So, let’s view on them in brief.

How to Find Answers of any Wordscapes level?

Wordscapes is an ideal Android game which melds two types of trifle games into one. We have just found an interesting site that contains the database of answers for all the levels.

Wordscapes Answers website: http://wordscapesreveal.com/

To find answers for specific category, just click on any of the categories which you wish to complete in your game, this will automatically redirect you to the correct solutions. 


Once you have completed the entire set of Wordscapes puzzles, you will be rewarded with coins which can be utilized to purchase clues when you get jammed while playing.

You can also generate some extra words which are not a part of the puzzle to gain hints. This will be converted to coins when the added words are left unused.

Though the game has some difficult levels, Wordscape is a very simple and easy game to play. Simply connect the letters with a finger to form words of your choice. Hence, you have to find a definite number of words in order to complete each level.

Once you have completed the level you will be rewarded with some specific number of coins or even you can view videos to earn extra 25 coins.

Final thoughts

So, are you a game lover who seek ways to kill your leisure time on games? Then, Wordscapes would be one of the games for you to spend your valuable time as this game will make your mind to think more with more new words. Start playing the game and learn more new words. Thank you!

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