Applications such as Google Maps has virtually eliminated all driving uncertainties (at least until the autonomous cars become our solutions). Simply connect your destination and follow the detailed instructions until you arrive, so simple.

However, there are ways to further improve the guide if you want to dive into the settings of your favorite navigation application. Here’s how to avoid tolls and roads (and traffic) with Google Maps. One of the important feature you have to know as a google map user is avoiding tolls when driving with the help of your google map.

In addition to avoiding toll roads, the maps can also deviate from the highways if you prefer the scenic route and avoid ferries if this could be a problem for you. The only problem here is that avoiding these modern comforts will almost certainly increase mileage and driving time, but if you agree with this (and plan ahead), it is definitely worth doing and make your days a little better.

There is no generalized parameter for this, but it should be done once the navigation position has been defined. So, to start, Get ready with your Google Maps and enter where you want to go.

However, before touching this start button, you need to press the three-point overflow button in the upper right corner.

From there, tap “Route options”.

Boom: there are your options. You can easily avoid tolls, roads or ferries simply by checking a box. And once this option is configured, it will remain active for future navigation until you deactivate it.

Of course, if you have a long way to go or live in a region where there are many toll roads, financial savings can run out: savings on tolls, you’ll probably end up spending fuel. But if it’s worth it, please deprive yourself of it.

Final words:

And this is how you avoid tolls with google maps. Make sure the money you are saving on your toll is woth the fuel price youare going to spend.

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